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There are different types of lawyers you can hire depending on your legal needs. For instance, if you want to draft a will, you need the services of a lawyer who deals with wills and estates. On the other hand, if you want a divorce, separation, anything involving children or marriage, you need the services of a family lawyer. You can hire a lawyer to offer you professional advice, legal services and guidance.
An employment lawyer mainly focuses on all kinds of issues associated with your workplace, and he/she can help you fix them.

Employment lawyers can specialize in either employers or employees while others handle problems facing both employers and employees. You need to know whether the lawyer you are about to hire has specialized to avoid hiring the wrong employment lawyer. Here are reasons why you need to hire an employment lawyer whether you are an employer or an employee:

For employees:

• Harassment and discrimination – although there are multiple laws which prevent harassment and discrimination, such treatment still happen. Such treatment is not acceptable in any place of work. In case you are harassed or discriminated in any way, there are laws that protect employees against such treatment. You need an employment lawyer to offer you professional advice on the way forward

• Dealing with a workplace issue – it is normal to experience workplace issues. However, you don’t have to quit a job due to an issue which a lawyer can help you solve. With their vast knowledge and experience, employment lawyers can help you assess the situation and offer a suggestion on how to fix the problem with few or no problems at your workplace

• Reviewing a job offer – do you have a job offer and you don’t really understand it? An employment lawyer can help you review the offer before signing it and advise you accordingly. For instance, the termination clause determines the amount of money you can get after the employer terminates your contract. Therefore, before signing the clause, you need professional help

• Negotiating an exit package – if you’ve been working for a long period and you want a speedy retirement, an employment lawyer can help you reach to an agreement with your employer. This agreement will be fair to both the employer and you (the employee) because everything will be put into consideration by a legal team

• Termination – an employment lawyer will help you get the best payout depending on the current situation. Also, he or she will ensure you are treated fairly throughout the process

For employers:

• Employment contracts – as an employer, you need an employment lawyer to annually review your employment contracts to make sure they are ideal, and the language is up to date with current legal practices. An employment contract is important in maintaining your business because it determines a lot of things, e.g., employee’s working relationship, the amount of money you will pay to an employee upon termination among other details. You need to have an experienced lawyer to help you

• Discipline issues – although you can dismiss a troublesome employee, it is important to have a policy of progressive discipline. This will ensure that your employees are disciplined due to repercussions that follow. Also, it will make subsequent terminations easier because you are following policy. It is not easy to have the right strategies to improve the performance of your employees especially if you don’t possess the skills and experience. However, an employment lawyer can help you deal with discipline issues in your workplace

• Workplace policies – depending on the type of business you have, workplace policies are vital. Some policies are not only required by law but also must meet certain standards to avoid penalties. Therefore, if you don’t know how to deal with these policies, hiring an employment lawyer is inevitable. Other workplace policies are beneficial in setting standards and expectations in your business

• Making changes – if you are looking forward to your business to grow, you will have to make certain changes as you progress depending on how your business is doing. You may also have to join with other businesses to grow or make more profit. You need the expertise of a lawyer to avoid making wrong choices/decisions and to minimize the impact the changes have on your employees

• Terminations – to avoid future litigation, you have to ensure that termination is done properly and the employee is paid all their legal entitlements and anything else agreed to honor the employment contract. Hence, you need to have a termination plan as an employer.