Hiring the best accountant is crucial to the success of a business as that person has the responsibility to manage finances most efficiently. The accounting firm plays a vital role in making the businesses successful.

Heidi Brundage, one of the reputable person belonging to American Institute of CPA, is of the view that CPAs can play a significant role in the overall expansion of business so, their role is not only confined to filing the tax returns of the company. Thus, an accountant should be hired based not only on the qualities but also on the abilities to make sound financial decisions which are favorable to the success of the business.

It’s also important that the accountant being hired is trustworthy as they are going to know minor details of the business regarding the finances.

According to Brundage and Joshua Dubrow, CPA, belonging to the accountant Coquitlam Ribeyre Chang Haylock, working as a member of Small Business Outreach Committee, the following opinions should be considered when selecting an account:

1. Having A Positive Connection

It is very important to have a positive connection with the accountant as they will interact more often. They have to be called time, and again so, it is essential to have a connection with them, which obviously should be of the positive nature. According to Brundage, to get an idea about the style of the accountant, get an idea about the procedures and the processes followed. This is likely to indicate whether they have a similar style or a different temperament.

According to Dubrow, a person hired should be able to listen to all the relevant problems and should also be able to give a sound decision. It is important for that person to dictate all the vital requirements which are a must for the success of the business.

2. Should Be Reliable

The accounting firm has to be trustworthy. According to Dubrow, the accountant has to be reliable so, a person is stress-free from the fact that all the deadlines will be met. An unreliable CPA is likely to create problems for the business.

3. Energetic and Motivated

It is important that the CPAs are keeping their credentials in check since they are required to update their licenses. According to Dubrow and Brundage, it is important that the credentials of the CPAs are up to date.

Dubrow is of the view that the accountant should be able to identify the problems beforehand and should also be able to give the potential solutions. So, an accountant who is energetic and motivated is likely to work for the betterment of the business.

4. Well Experienced In The Niche Or Industry

Dubrow recommends keeping an accountant who has a sound knowledge of the industry under which he or she is working. An interesting example is given by Brundage according to which a person working in the retail industry is likely to have a different experience from a person who is working in the banking sector.

5. Trustworthy

According to Dubrow, the accountant hired should be trustworthy since they are going to deal with the overall finances of the company and Brundage is of the opinion that their credentials should be double checked and it is also important to check their registration and license on the website of State Accountancy Board.

Dubrow and Brundage, both are of the view that to select the best candidate, recommendations can be taken from the trusted people. It is also important to ask the important questions to the accountant which includes, why they are doing this job in the first place. According to Brundage, a person should go with his guts when they feel they have found the right candidate finally.

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