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  • Celebrate earth day Festival

    Surrey’s second annual Party for the Planet Earth Day festival will be held Saturday, April 27 from 10am-9pm at the Central City Plaza. The festival will feature headliner performances by Lights and Hey Ocean on the Main Stage. The City will highlight their sustainability initiatives on transportation, waste diversion, trees, water management, and energy through a variety of interactive booths. Last year’s event drew 20,000 attendees.

  • Bike funding solution

    Richmond is flat. It’s a fact. Everybody knows this, and as a result everybody says it’s a perfect city for cycling. The City’s cycling facilities work well, for the most part, but are limited. We have the well-known dyke trail which is great, but unpaved. Shell Trail, also unpaved, can take you from just north of Alderbridge Way down to the south arm of the Fraser River. We also have some painted lanes on certain roads which aren’t perfect, but are better than nothing. Unfortunately, the bike lanes on No 3 Rd are uneven, incomplete, and kind of embarrassing. Cycling is increasing in popularity, and facilities are expanding, although one city city councillor confusingly thinks we’ve done enough.The most exciting piece, the 4 km Railway Ave Greenway, is under construction on a former rail line and will link the middle and south arms of the Fraser. Lansdowne Rd will eventually see a 10 m linear park along its length with a bidirectional bike path on its northern side. Sexsmith Rd will get separated lanes, as will River Rd from Hollybridge Way to Cambie Rd as it is redirected over time, also on a former rail bed. This is exciting stuff, but other than Railway (with funding from TransLink) they are all dependent on new development and developer contributions. If the market crashed tomorrow, so would our bicycle dreams. Any other cycling improvements get their money from a tiny budget that doesn’t have enough to complete a neighbourhood bike route in a single year. We’re talking signage, paint, and a little paving, nothing crazy. Things are happening, but too slowly. This budget predicament got me thinking about what we could build for the $4 million that Richmond spends on road repaving every year. Instead of cycling advocates fighting endlessly for new money, why don’t we put off repaving for a year (the roads will survive) and direct the money, and materials and labour, towards bike infrastructure? And let’s do it every three years. Spend year 1 consulting the public on what’s needed. Year 2 will be for designing and refining. Year 3 is the year the money is diverted and the facilities are built. Year 4 we celebrate, study the impacts, and start again. Do this three times over 9 years at a cost of $12 million and, combined with what’s being built by developers, Richmond will have some of the best cycling infrastructure in the country, and at no extra charge. Could this work in every city? Probably not, but surely cities could rethink the necessity of some of their annual paving projects. Also, the benefit of Richmond’s very proactive paving policy is that the City’s roads are in exceptionally good condition. Should we have to do this? In a city that is able to find over $100 million for a seniors centre, pool, and fire hall, you wouldn’t think so. If transportation infrastructure funding is limited, however, sharing the wealth with bikes might be a plausible solution.

  • Dentists in Vancouver

    Are you afraid of visiting a dentist because of financial reasons? There are a large percentage of people who avoid going to the dentist because they feel that they cannot avoid the visits. While it is true that some people do have a difficult time making the payments, it is important that you understand some of costs that can incur if you don’t visit a dentist. Regular visits to Dentists in Vancouver will ensure that you don’t have any emergencies that can cost you an arm and a leg. Because dentistry is not covered under general health care costs, it is important that you look at getting extended medical coverage. Finding a good medical plan can ensure that you are able to go to the dentist without worrying about the costs that will be incurred. People who are interested in going to the dentist need to make sure they have a good medical plan that will help to keep some of the costs down. If you are suffering from a toothache or dental problem then you need to make sure that you visit your dentist. It is quite common for people to delay visiting a dentist for financial reasons. While you might be saving money in the short run, you would be surprised how much money you would save if you go in for early dental treatment. Anyone who is avoiding a Vancouver dentist for financial concerns needs to understand the high cost of their actions. A regular root canal on a tooth will end up costing around $1700 dollar depending on the dentist that you go to. If you were to get regular checkups on your tooth, you could avoid this exuberate price and have your tooth filled in for around $150. People who believe they are saving money by avoiding a dentist don’t realize the high cost of waiting. The longer you wait to get a procedure done, the worse your tooth can get. This is why it is important to find a good Vancouver Dentist that can work with you to ensure that you have healthy teeth. Find a dentist in Vancouver, this can be easily done by searching on our website. You will find different Vancouver dentists that are listed in our data base. If you are interested in using a dentist in Vancouver it is important that you do a comprehensive search for the different dentists in your area and find one that can work for you.