Roof repair is an eventuality even for the very best roofing system. Anything can spur it such as typical wear and tear with the passing of time to harsh weather, tree branches that extend to the roof, insects or rodents among many other sources.

Here we will take a look at 6 of the most common types of roofing problems that are experienced and how to repair them. You can also seek our professional help for a thorough assessment, repair, upgrade or complete replacement if need be.

1. Ponding Waters

Surprisingly, ponding waters have become a common roof issue. Roofs are inhibited from performing at its optimum when there is an accumulation of water on its surface. Inferior roofing materials and poor roof design are the most common causes of ponding water. It is first of all important to identify the main cause of ponding water before proceeding to any repair attempts. There is a possibility that an HVAC unit might have issues with the condensate drain line preventing the flow of water or the drains might be blocked by debris or some other kind of particles hence the ponding water. It is necessary to get a roofing technician to conduct an analysis. Upon conducting a thorough investigation to find out the cause of this accumulation of water, he will perform a roof repair accordingly.

2. Roof Leaks

An occurrence of roof leaks can be as a result of various reasons. Improper connection of flashing during installation is the most common cause of roof leaks. Roofs made of bitumen usually experience leaks upon lacking a sufficient moisture barrier that is situated underneath the coping cap alongside the parapet walls.

There is also the possibility of moisture infiltrating the roof and eventually the home resulting from insufficient head and backwater laps. In a worst-case scenario, water leaks and perforation can cause the roof to fail completely. Timely consultations with a professional roofer or roof repair technician can save you from embarking on a costly project. Seam replacements might have to be conducted either by gluing or heat welding to prevent further exposure to moisture.

3. Punctures

A roof puncture is an issue that requires a mandatory repair. Those having a roofing system such as that of single-ply should know that continuous pressure on the roof such as walking on it can bring about a puncture over time. A homeowner must be aware that a puncture might result sooner than they imagine. Punctures in areas with high traffic will prove problematic sooner than most homeowners imagine, so the best approach is both repair and prevention. Prevent the puncture of this sort by adding a walkway and a good repair mechanism is to add more sacrificial layers.

4. Roof Shrinkage

Roof shrinkage is a sign that the time for repairing the roof has come. Seek the services of roofing professional to examine the evidence of roof shrinkage. The shrinking of field membrane is likely to pull the flashings and trigger deterioration. This depends on the uniqueness of the roof and having a professional roofer to conduct an inspection is necessary to prevent further damage.

5. Blow-offs

Poorly connected flashing is the most common cause of blow-offs. This is because seams and flashings are loose which open up hence blow-offs. Too few fasteners or incorrect installation of gravel embedding might also be the cause. To prevent blow-offs means to increase the roof’s resistance to uplift from the wind. Increase the fasteners and ensure that the gravel embedding has been installed correctly.

6. Blisters and more

The occasional surface erosion, splitting and also blistering are a potential cause of major problems if not attended to on time. For example, a simple blister might look harmless, but it may sooner or later increase to a significant size, so it is prudent to repair it immediately. The common causes of blisters are dry laps, poor interplay, accelerated aging and felt slipping. Our professionals can conduct a complete assessment of the damage to the roof and perform a proper repair.

No matter the roof repair type it can be fixed, and with our roof repair technicians, the solution is always around the corner. Check us out at the Pitt Meadows Roofing Company – Re-Roofing Repairs – Roofers in Pitt Meadows. We’ll get your roof fixed in a pinch.