The bedroom closet is the most important feature in the bedroom even if some people do not consider it as the most exciting feature in the room. Some closet does not satisfy as they do not have adequate storage, some have ugly doors while others do not perform well. Such closets need to be remodeled to give maximum satisfaction. Various projects can be used to improve the function as well as the form of your closet at a cheap cost. These projects are affordable even when you have financial constraints.

1. Change the door of your closet

You can change the door of your closet if you aim at making it look appealing. The door which is plain without decoration is good, but it is not attractive. It is boring to be staring at your shirts all day through the glass doors of your closet. You may paint the door of your closet or put a curtain on it. Replacing the closet door also increases bedroom space for those with minimal space by inserting sliding doors in place of swinging doors. By doing so, you have the chance of arranging your bedroom layout more effectively.

2. Add custom storage

This is done with the aim of improving the storage options. Most closets have only a simple rod which can only be used to hang shirts and some few more clothes but cannot accommodate all that you have. Increasing the space by fixing custom storage helps you to overcome the challenge of the overcrowded, stuffy closet. Custom storage is done by setting some more shelves in your wardrobe. This process consumes little money.

The shelves serve as storage for clothes which can be folded. They are used as shoe storage instead of lying them on the floor. This saves the space in a small bedroom as one puts all his clothes in the closet. Custom storage can also be achieved by adding drawers in your closet. The drawers can be used to store socks, scarves and other small clothing such as underwear. But-in drawers may be best, but they will require you to contact the specialist to do the fixing.

You may add a rack on the closet with the aim of storing the foot wares or still add hooks at the door with the purpose of storing the jewels.

3. Add ventilation to your closet.

A poorly ventilated closet makes your clothes smell stuffy. You may, therefore, add ventilation in your bedroom closet as a way of a bedroom remodel as it alleviates the bad smell. When the bedroom closet is poorly ventilated air will be trapped inside, and therefore it will encourage the buildup of moisture and molds which makes your bedroom to be stuffy.

This condition attracts some insects which infect your bedroom, and they can bring diseases to you. Bedroom closet ventilation can be achieved by installing a bathroom fun which helps with the air circulation in your bedroom. The best bedroom fun is the one which has a timer because it can switch on and off periodically hence it helps in keeping your room fresh.

4. Paint the interior of your closet.

Painting the interior of your closet is simple, and it is also very cheap. A painted closet gives it an appealing look which attracts your eyes, and therefore you will go on with the business of searching your preferred clothes more comfortably. Most people pain their closets using white color or neutral shade, but this kind of painting is not mainly decorative. You should, therefore, choose a bold shade because you will keep the doors of bedroom closet closed most of the time. However, the bold shade that you can love can be too much for your bedroom walls. The best color to use in your closet is a dark red or cobalt color as it makes your closet to look more appealing and luxurious.

This gives your closet one unified look, and that is why it is advisable to use the color that rhymes with the color of your bedroom walls. Bright color reflects light, and therefore the room does not look darker. You can also use dark colors, but you must first make sure that there is enough light in the room as dark color won’t reflect the light.

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