Slip and fall accidents are bound to happen in our day to day activities. What is not often is the decision to file a personal injury claim, which can be made when a second party is liable for the accident. A slip and fall accident can lead to a personal injury in a snap.

Case in point can be a landowner or an occupier who fails to rectify a dangerous situation with a potential of causing a slip and fall. Talk of a neglected sidewalk or a wet floor by a property owner. An occupier, on the other hand, can cause such accidents from a neglected chord, an un-protected live electric wire, abandoned toys, or even a spill of a drink on the floor.

As illustrated above, such carelessness from an individual can lead to a slip and fall accident, hence meriting for a legal personal injury claim. In fact, to make this claim successful, you must be able to identify an occupier or property owner. Additionally, you must be able to show their carelessness as the cause of the accident and prove injuries accumulated as a result.

Identifying an Occupier

An occupier is someone who resides or works in a particular premise. It is an individual using a premise or a piece of land. If you are a victim of a slip and fall accident, it is important to identify the occupier of the premise, or property the accident happened on. It is only by identifying the occupier that your case stands a chance of being successful and worth pursuing.

Ascertaining Negligence

With a recognized occupier, comes showing how their negligence led to the accident. This establishment can be backed with The Occupiers Liability Act, which shows basic standard care occupiers should comply and meet. A do no harm is emphasized requiring occupiers to avoid acting in ways that endanger the safety of residents. The standards in the act not only pertain to the condition and activities of the property but also to the behavior of third parties on the property.

Certain questions are asked to determine whether an occupier was negligent. Questions concerning the period a harmful obstacle was left on the property, and if there was a valid reason for the prolonged period. Other matters of concern addressed during this discovery are whether safety precautions are practiced like the use of warning signs and if the property gets regular checks.

Proving Slip and Fall Injuries

What evidence do you have that the slip and fall caused you personal injuries? This is the next matter of interest after establishing negligence. Once an accident happens, it is common for people to call an ambulance or get themselves to a hospital. Medical reports like X-Rays or MRI’s obtained from a hospital help to prove the extent of injuries incurred. These reports can also be coupled with eyewitnesses. The following injuries can result from a slip and fall:

• Hand, wrist and arm injuries like sprains, fractures, and breaks
• Cuts or bruises on the head which can lead to brain injuries
• Feet injuries like twisted joints sprained ankles, and broken or fractured bones
• Internal bleeding
• Spinal injuries

Personal injuries can result in long-term complications. Suddenly victims can experience chronic pain, depression, migraines or even suffer from insomnia. Some injuries can be irreversible and lead to minimal disability or physical changes. The elderly and disabled people are more vulnerable to suffering more complications from slip and fall accidents. Worst case scenario, such minor accidents can actually lead to death when it comes to vulnerable groups.

Cause of Action In Case of a Slip and Fall Accident Personal Injury

Obviously, the first point of action after a slip and fall is seeking medical attention. Next, depending on the magnitude of the injuries, or even the negligence of an occupier you can seek the services of a personal injury attorney. Remember before pursuing a personal injury case, ensure you get contact information of the property owner or the occupier.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer increases your chances of getting a worthy compensation, based on the nature of injuries sustained. Personal injury law entails specific lingua and procedures familiar to personal injury lawyers. Therefore, ensure you get an experienced personal injury lawyer who has dealt with a lot of slip and fall accidents.

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